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   4.ข้าวกรอบมินิไรซ์ รสต้มยำ (Mini Rice Cracker Tom Yum Flavor)
  ข้าวข้าวกรอบมินิไรซ์ รสต้มยำ (Mini Rice Cracker Tom Yum Flavor)
  น้ำหนักสุทธิ 20กรัม (Net Wt.20g)
  ราคา 25 บาท

   At Sukatha, ten years ago in Petchaburi province, we started creating our rice cracker in home-made Thai traditional style with our own original recipes and best selected natural ingredients including Thai Hom-mail rice and Thai herbs, fried in vegetable oil to make our rice cracker cripy, delicious and good for health


    Now we continue the tradition of Thai tastes with the art of cooking in mind to provide authentic tasty snack in wide varieties for more people of the world to enjoy.

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